And the reviews are in!!

"We did enjoy people mingling and some of us really getting into character. Some of your choices were perfect - for instance having my husband "kill" my sister was perfect because they are always pretending not to like each other teasing. He was on the other side of the room and he said to me I'm ready to go kill Barbara. It is time for her to die. It was perfect. Everybody thought I had told you to choose them for those parts. Myra was also perfect as the murderess. For a minute there I thought I was the murderer!"

"the party was great! The kids were SO into it! it was interesting to see how it evolved - how each person approached the process. one person tried the straight-forward approach, flat out asking "did you kill Ellsworth?" others had paper and pencil in hand as though they were court reporters investing a story - it was hysterical!"

"Everyone had a FANTASTIC time and I thank you for coming out and walking us through our cruise adventure." 

"Thank YOU! We had such a great time and from what I could tell..everyone really enjoyed the night. I think it will be the buzz around town and I know there were 2 reporters there from local papers, so I will keep you posted if there happens to be a story on the evening!"

"Our Objective was three fold:

1) To Impress some very special friends.

2) To have fun.

3) To wear Gowns and Tuxedos at home.

Nevien Tadross offered her Murder Mystery.

The evening was magical from start to finish and beyond. Nevien was so professional and prepared that I was blown away, she handled everything.

She gathered everyone in the living room, explained the game, handed out the parts, gave us time to assume the parts and the game began. The story has all the latitude you and your guests want to put into it and even the stuffiest people really get into it. We had so much fun. About an hour or so later we are called for the reveal which is even more fun.

The people we were trying to impress were not only excited but it remains the best party we ever had. There is no doubt that we had a ball and the characters we picked dressed up which made it a great occasion.

Nevien is a genius. She writes the parts, organizes the evening while looking cute in her costume and facilitating throughout the evening, I hopeshe is having fun because an evening as magical is worth a lot more than she charges.


I wanted to give you a BIG thank you on behalf of Mission Life Center! Everyone truly loved and enjoyed the murder mystery! Thank you for taking the time to prepare the murder mystery for our Mission Life Center Fundraiser. The event was a huge success and you were a part of that!

I have wanted to have a murder mystery party for years, and was

ecstatic when my boyfriend came across Nevien's company. From the

moment we contacted her Nevien was truly wonderful. She was very

attentive and on top of things when it came to getting a head count

and asking details about the party, and was almost as excited as I

was. I had a group of 20 people in their late twenties show up in

costumes at a friend's house, and was worried about how everything

would go, but it was better than I could have imagined. Nevien

assigned each person a role and gave each of us the details about who

we were and why we should suspect other people. She clearly put a

great deal of time into the details for each character, and I was

shocked at how into the roles my friends got. Nevien ran around the

party spreading secrets and helping us learn important information,

and put up with all of the lies my friends threw into their stories.

We had accents and crying and love stories and more murders, and the

time flew by. At the end Nevien helped all of us walk through what we

had learned and who each of us thought was the murderer, and assisted

us in figuring it all out since we had all had a couple drinks by that

point. Overall the party was amazing! I had the best birthday party

ever, and all of my friends contacted me the following week to tell me

how much fun they had. Nevien is professional, sweet, fun, and cares

about making the experience what you want it to be. I absolutely

recommend her to anyone who is interested in doing something fun and


~~~ Anna

This was the absolute best! Nevien was amazing. I use this service for my spouse's 50th birthday party. I wanted something a little more than food and socializing...I wanted engagement. This was perfect and very personalized. I brought my co-workers, friends and family from all over, some knew each other, most did the end of the night they were all the best of friends thanks to the "mystery" they all had to take part in. Nevien's very outgoing personality brought the entire "mystery"to life. Warning: Once in character, she is extremely convincing! There is no price to put on this kind of adult fun, immediate smiles just thinking talking about it. I will definitely be using again!