We realize that a murder mystery may not be appropriate for all ages, and we certainly want an entire family, kids included to have a fun time. so... (drum role please...) we came up with a family friendly custom designed movie for your family to perform, record and watch it years later and laugh yourselves silly! Imagine that!! You and your whole family in your own Hollywood movie. It is fun, spontaneous, written in scenario form with all the instructions included. All you need is to come up with the props (don't worry, they are easy to get) like a "feather duster" or a "walking stick" or "dark sunglasses" and of course a good video camera and you are all set!

Did we mention it is affordable? Yes, it starts at only $135 for the scenario written with your names, and personality, and really fun story to perform in your home!

Call us for more information at 703-517-1632